Cultural heritage and social cohesion:: Special issue in English No. 6 (2018)

Editors of the special issue: Melanie Kay Smith and Boldizsár Megyesi

 Cultural heritage and social cohesion :: RESEARCH ARTICLES
Relational versus local values of cultural heritage. Tourism gentrification and governance in context, 
by Willem K. Korthals Altes, Reinout Kleinhans and Evert Meijers
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Cultural ecosystem services of visited landscapes
An exploratory comparative study,
by Melanie Kay Smith
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The creation of resilient Roma cultural heritage. Case  study of a bottom-up initiative from North-Eastern Hungary, 
by Eszter György and Gábor Oláh
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Shenzhen’s urban villages
Dialogic cultural landscapes and resilient rituals, 
by Zoe Latham and Robert Brown
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“Struggling with temporality”. 
A case study of place attachment and displacement of an urban agriculture community in Hungary, by Gergő Hajba
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Routes to right-wing extremism in times of crisis
An Austrian-Hungarian comparison based on the SOCRIS survey, 
by István Grajczjár, Zsófia Nagy, Antal Örkény and Julia Hofmann
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Heritage and the City, 
by Melinda Harlov-Csortán
Robert Kusek and Jacek Purchla (eds.): Heritage and the City 
International Cultural Centre, Krakow, 2017
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