Labour relations and employment policies in times of volatility :: Special issue in English No. 7 (2019)

Editors of the special issue: Péter Csizmadia and Dorottya Szikra

The paradoxes of neo-liberalism
Labour market and social dialogue in times of volatility 
by Péter Csizmadia and Dorottya Szikra
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László Neumann (1949–2019)
by András Tóth
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The European Trade Union Confederation – more than the sum of its parts?
by Barry Colfer
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Trade unions in CEE and SEE
Modernisation or sinking into insignificance?
by Jochen Tholen
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The empty shell of social dialogue
A case study from Hungary
by Zsuzsa Árendás and Sára Hungler
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Strengthening the links between education and the labour market
The case of Greece in a European context
by Varvara Lalioti
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Work–life: balance?
Tensions between care and paid work in the lives of Hungarian women
by Anikó Gregor and Eszter Kováts
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Public works in Hungary
Actors, allocation mechanisms and labour market mobility effects
by György Molnár, Balázs Bazsalya, Lajos Bódis and Judit Kálmán
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Permanent wage labour as a norm
Workfare policy and everyday experiences of precariousness in a small Hungarian former industrial town
by Cecília Kovai
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Researching Romanian urban ghettos from a neo-Marxist perspective
by Vera Messing on
Racialized Labour in Romania. Spaces of Marginality at the Periphery of Global Capitalism
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